Healthcare In Tacoma

Tacoma is known for having a significant amount of healthcare options. In fact, one of the most recognizable buildings in the city is the the white tower of St Josephs hospital.

Hospitals In Tacoma:

There are three main hospitals that people generally refer to in Tacoma, and multiple small practices.

Multicare Tacoma General (also known as “TG” around town) is the single large hospital in Tacoma. It is located off of Division and S Yakima Ave near the downtown area. It is a full service hospital with 24/7 emergency care and multiple in-patient and out-patient services.

St Josephs hospital is located in the Hilltop area and has a full emergency room service along with many other in-patient and out patient services to rival Tacoma General.

MaryBridge Children’s Hospital is well-regarded in the area for providing excellent care and provides an excellent alternative for families who have a hard time travelling up to Seattle Children’s Hospital in the U-District of Seattle.

Small Practices in Tacoma

Below are a few small healthcare practices in the Tacoma area.

You can find more healthcare providers in Tacoma by visiting the “Healthcare” portion of the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce page here.

Please note: These links are not intended as recommendations, but merely as a starting point for you to find out more about healthcare providers in Gig Harbor. Please research your healthcare providers thoroughly and make a decision based on the needs of your current circumstances and referrals from trusted healthcare professionals.