Healthcare In Gig Harbor

Finding healthcare in Gig Harbor can potentially be confusing because the town of Gig Harbor straddles Hwy 16 which runs north into the Olympic Peninsula and south into Tacoma.

Thankfully, Gig Harbor is more or less on a peninsula itself, so you can’t go too far wrong in one direction before you hit water.

That being said, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the various healthcare services that Gig Harbor has to offer so you can quickly get around should the need arise.

Hospitals In Gig Harbor:

There are three main healthcare locations in Gig Harbor, and multiple small practices.

St Anthony Hospital is the single large hospital in Gig Harbor. It is located north of the Gig Harbor bay right off of the Burnham Dr NW exit from Hwy 16. It is a full service hospital with 24/7 emergency care and multiple in-patient and out-patient services.


Small Practices in Gig Harbor

Below are a few small healthcare practices in the Gig Harbor area.

You can find more healthcare providers in Gig Harbor by visiting the Chamber of Commerce page here.

Please note: These links are not intended as recommendations, but merely as a starting point for you to find out more about healthcare providers in Gig Harbor. Please research your healthcare providers thoroughly and make a decision based on the needs of your current circumstances and referrals from trusted healthcare professionals.