Employment In Gig Harbor

One of the keys to finding good employment in Gig Harbor is to get to know the people in the community. This is true in most cities, but holds especially true in the Gig Harbor area because the community is under 10,000 people and is well connected socially. A good or bad recommendation goes a very long way.

Finding Work in Gig Harbor

If you are new to the area, it is essential that you start getting to know people. Going to community events and getting involved in various groups around the region can be an amazing way to meet people and get a feel for how the job market is currently looking.

Some people see a small community as a detriment to job hunting, but you can easily see it as an advantage. How so?

If you are a skilled reliable worker, it doesn’t take long to develop a reputation for being a dependable person that employers want to hire. References can make all the difference and a good reputation in a small community can provide huge benefits for your job prospects.

The easiest and most sustainable way to work yourself into the fabric of the community is to join events and groups that are already happening. Check out our activities page for some ideas of  where to start. Taking the organic approach to job hunting can pay off big benefits down the road.

Researching Employment Options

That being said, you still have to get out there and find the work. Gig Harbor has some mainstay organizations that you’ll want to keep track of when looking for jobs.

One of the best ways to do research on places to work in Gig Harbor is to take a look at the following 5 websites.

Recommended Research Websites:

  • Indeed – If you’re looking for open positions in the area Indeed.com is my best suggestion for seeing the best current offers in the Gig Harbor job market. My recommendation is to post your resume immediately and then check in every week or so to see if there are new listings. Posting your resume allows employers to find you via Indeed’s formidable matching algorithms.
  • Yelp – Yelp is a great way to sort by business type and to see customer reviews of these establishments. You do have to take some of these reviews with a grain of salt, but they can give you a general sense of what clients think of these businesses.
  • Glassdoor – Glassdoor gives you an inside look at previous employee’s experiences, salary estimates, open positions and more. Again, take employee reviews with a grain of salt (if you’ve ever been fired, you know what the urge to rant and rail against your previous employer feels like). Glassdoor is one of my top recommendations for employment research.
  • LinkedIn – This social network has been around for a while now and it can be a great way to do research on a business or to connect with current employees. Using their Advanced Search feature can be a great way to narrow down results to just the pertinent businesses that make sense for your situation.
  • Craigslist – This website has lost some credibility in the last few years, but it can still be a remarkably good place to find employment, especially in service-based industries. You’ll have to wade through a bit more clutter while sorting through positions, but it still has a large user base of employers and is worth giving a try if the other sites come up empty.

Businesses in Gig Harbor

Below is a list of links to a few popular places of employment in Gig Harbor. This is not an exhaustive list, but might give you a place to start looking.

Professional Services & Lawyers


Home Services

Thinking Outside The Box

A lot of people look for employment in Gig Harbor. But one other thing I would suggest is to consider employment just outside of Gig Harbor. A significant amount of people commute to Tacoma, Port Orchard or Bremerton for work. Making the commute all the way into Seattle can be pretty tough going, with average commutes of up to 1.5 hours each way. So I’d avoid that route if possible.

You can click on the maps below for commute times to that city (may not accurately reflect traffic at the busiest times of day). A lot of traffic tends to flow north in the mornings and south in the afternoons as people make their way to the Bremerton shipyard.

Businesses in Tacoma

**Note that if you end up going over the bridge to Tacoma to work, you’ll be paying a $5+ fee each way. If that is the case, you might be able to get it written off on your taxes (check your specific tax regulations) or your employer might help you cover the costs.

Either way you should definitely get a “Good To Go” pass that can help you shave off a little bit of that cost each time you pass over the bridge.

Commute time from Gig Harbor to Tacoma

Commute time from Gig Harbor to Tacoma

City Size: Around 210,000

Commute Time from Gig Harbor: 20 min

Some businesses to check out in Tacoma Wa:

  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • Public School Districts
  • MultiCare Health System
  • Washington State Employees
  • Wal-Mart
  • Boeing
  • Costco
  • USPS
  • State Farm Insurance

Businesses in Port Orchard

Commute time from Gig Harbor to Port Orchard

Commute time from Gig Harbor to Port Orchard

City Size: Around 14,000

Commute Time from Gig Harbor: 23 min

One of the best tools to use here is the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce website. Click here to search for jobs in Port Orchard.

Businesses in Bremerton

Commute time from Gig Harbor to Bremerton

Commute time from Gig Harbor to Bremerton

City Size: Around 40,000

Commute Time from Gig Harbor: 29 min

Far and away the biggest employer in Bremerton is the naval shipyard. Hundreds of people make the trek from Tacoma, Gig Harbor and Port Orchard up to Bremerton every workday.

Their main website can be reached here, but again I would search www.Indeed.com  for the best results. The shipyard site can be kind of hard to use. and Indeed tends to stay up to date on postings.

To see more helpful information on employment in Gig Harbor, visit our blog page for the latest news, articles and updates on where to find work in Gig Harbor.