Healthcare in Bellevue

One of the great advantages to living in the Puget sound region is the top-tier medical care. Healthcare in Bellevue includes an impressive selection of emergency care, urgent care, in-patient and out-patient services, family doctors, primary care physicians, and medical care supply companies.

Please note: These links below are not intended as recommendations, but merely as a starting point for you to find out more about healthcare providers in Bellevue. Please research your healthcare providers thoroughly and make a decision based on the needs of your current circumstances and referrals from trusted healthcare professionals.


Overlake Hospital Medical Center – A full range of in-patient and out-patient services including urgent care, childbirth, cardiology, cancer center and more. Located just of of NE 8th St and Hwy 405.

Primary Care Physicians

Eastside Integrated Primary Care – Providing general services and family medicine. Services include botanical medicine, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Swedish Factoria Primary Care – Their Swedish Breast Care Express comes to this clinic twice a month. Provides easy access to breast cancer screenings for Bellevue residents.

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