Employment In Bellevue

Those looking for employment in Bellevue face a highly competitive and vibrant job market. Work opportunities in Bellevue have spiked considerably in the last ten years, especially in the tech sector.

Bellevue is known for being a hub for large, well-known companies like Microsoft, Nintendo and Expedia. With firms like Amazon and Facebook putting up lavish corporate offices only 20 minutes away in downtown Seattle, the region has been drawing talent from all over the country, including silicon valley.

The city is known for being safe and maintaining a high-class corporate look and feel. It’s been repeatedly ranked by major news organizations like CNNMoney as one of the top places in the US to live and launch a business. See this article from 2008 where it ranked #1.

Bellevue has seen terrific economic growth in the past decade, and it’s excellent infrastructure, such as schools and healthcare, continue to make it a very attractive place to live.

With all these advantages, you can expect Bellevue jobs to stay in high demand. If you are looking for work in Bellevue, you can expect many employers looking for talented workers, but also keep in mind that you’ll likely be competing with the rest of the country as well.

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